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Not only are search engine ranking algorithms constantly changing, it has all ensured that SEO is now an immensely complex process. There are, however, certain truths that remain. A foundation of website performance, if you will – well crafted content, responsiveness and speedy performance, user friendly interface all remain as key metrics and it's unlike to change.
Understanding this and thus understanding what's most crucial in website performance analysis, we came up with We hope to not only provide you with the metrics, be it predicted traffic or safety analysis, but to also emphasize the well-written insights and advice on how to ensure your website performs at its best.
There are, of course, hundreds of other website that seek to provide you with similar analysis. We dare say none of them succeed quite as well (mostly due to being rather... spammy). Wither way, there is plenty of competition out there for us, at least in terms of visibility. In terms of quality, however, we hope to have achieved is something else entirely – not just the numbers and the reports, but real, expertly-written insights to help educate and guide your online business to more traffic, potential clients and revenue.
We really do hope you'll find to be so much more than yet another tool that fails to deliver. We hope statistics and performance reports at is most, if not all of what you will need.